Safety & Environment

Alfresco’s #1 Priority

Safety Policy

Alfresco Contractors Inc. has a widespread comprehensive Safety Policy committed to the prevention of accidents and injuries and safe operation of equipment, to its employees, fellow contractors, and the public.

Safety Program

Our Safety Program clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of Safety Officer, Senior Management, Superintendents, Supervisors, Employees, Sub trades, and the Public. We recognize that it takes everyone’s combined effort to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

Safety Training

Alfresco Contractors Inc. is committed to providing a high level of specialized safety training at varied levels to its employees. This is provided both internally by our own experienced and trained personnel as well as an externally through professional safety training associations.

Environmental Protection Policy

Alfresco Contractors Inc. has an Environmental Management and Protection Plan designed to prevent damage to the environment. This involves employee training, hazard assessment, monitoring and inspection of sites, and enforcement of policies and procedures. The Environmental Management and Protection Plan deals with emergency response to any environmental incidents and crews are prepared for immediate action should there be a need.

Hazard Assessment / Emergency Response

Alfresco Contractors Inc. diligently enforces company and government rules and legislation. An emergency response plan is developed and enforced plus all sites are assessed for potential hazards before any work begins, during different phases and as the needs arise.