From Innovation to Invention

Horizontal Directional Drilling and Static Pipe-Bursting Technology

Alfresco Contractors Inc. is proud to manufacture the Canadian and United States patented Pull Head, the ultimate solution to your Horizontal Directional Drilling needs. The Pull Head simply clamps onto TerraBrute¹, Certa-Lok², and other grooved spigot pipes effectively sealing your pipe from outside contamination preventing the inevitable compromise of the integrity of your pipe due to traditional methods. HDD Pull Heads are applicable in a number of situations, from contaminated ground conditions to pipe bursting applications, it’s durable and easy to use design will fit all your HDD needs. The Iron Head pulling system has had great success in the field proving its innovative design since its launch in 2008.

Get Your Hands On One!

Iron Head Pull Heads come in all sizes supported by Ipex TerraBrute® and Certa-Lok® systems ranging from 4″ – 24″. For additional information and inquiries please send our team a message via the Contact Us page or email.