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Underground Utilities


Pull Heads


The Small Company With a Big Reputation for Quality, Affordability, and Service.

The small company with a big reputation for quality, affordability and service.


Who Are We

Alfresco is a group of aspiring workers trained to adapt a resourceful rational to execute the overlying goal of the company; meet the needs of the customer. Founder and President Jody Duggan prides himself being a hands on owner and mentor of such a company and stands behind the fact that each member of his staff is fully committed to the quality and safety of every job.


What We Provide

Alfresco provides a wide range of services including underground utility and infrastructure, earthworks, hired equipment, demolition, and snow removal jobs. Visit the services page for more details or contact us for additional inquiries.


High Quality

It is our goal here at Alfresco Contractors to prioritize the needs of our clients through the cooperative use of ingenuity and innovation throughout the company.


Safety Is Key

Safety in the workplace is an important factor that is always considered and accounted for by Alfresco through the use of cooperation and mutual agreement between safety officers and workers

We have had the pleasure of working with Alfresco Contractors Inc. numerous times throughout the years and would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Les Chown

In my varied dealings with Alfresco over the past decade I have found them to be professional, knowledgeable and amicable. They are innovative in the face of adversity. I also found that they can adapt to all scopes of work.

Jarrad Elliott

In my dealing with Alfresco we have had the opportunity of working with each other in a mutually beneficial relationship that I hope continues.

Pat Britton